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Three seats on the Red Bank Commission will be decided on Nov. 4. There are six candidates running for the three openings, one each from Districts 1 and 3 and one at large. Each resident will have three votes regardless of the district they live in.

KC development set to spur region's growth

A future residential community now under study for the Kansas City area would spread economic development across Northwest Missouri, according to planners.

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Sensors show the snack bar's closed, captain: Ferries on the Coupeville Keystone to Port Townsend run will help monitor water quality in Admiralty Inlet, thanks to sensors installed on their hulls.

Land activists rally after feds cancel meeting

Conspiracy theories abounded that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management postponed a public hearing Thursday on the revised resource management plan at the Bob Ruud Community Center to avoid public scrutiny.

GOP’s crazy “real men” crew: Why neocon hawks are ready to wreck American foreign policy again

With a whole new class of hawks recently elected, here's why their colleagues are maniacally licking their chops

Maglana: Development and justice

IT IS not often that the word “just” would become a formal descriptor of that state to which many countries and communities aspire: development.

Take a Lode Off: Will management plan mean money?

Supervisor Cliff Edson has proposed “A Compre-hensive Watershed Program for Calaveras County,” which he envisions becoming a model for replication throughout the Sierra Nevada. Edson believes that our forests and rangeland are currently undermanaged and that enhanced management can increase water yield and that an associated benefit will be a reduction in wildfires.

COOMBS/ERRINGTON ELECTION: Incumbent director responds to climate change letter

'Even Barack Obama seems to be hooked' writes Julian Fell

New GOP senators show moderated, cooperative tone

WASHINGTON (AP) — New Republican senators who sometimes breathed tea-party fire as candidates are adopting a more moderate tone as they enter Congress.

What Senator Joni Ernst Did Two Days After Winning Election Will Make You Proud!

Last Tuesday, Joni Ernst won the honor of being Senator for Iowa. For some news outlets, it was important to report that Joni is the first female U.S. Senator for Iowa. Others, on the other hand, found it more important that she is taking a stand against the United Nations and Agenda 21. Whatever people What Senator Joni Ernst Did Two Days After Winning Election Will Make You Proud! is an …