Agenda 21

Where some see 'smart growth,' others see U.N. plot

It wasn't like developers needed more objections to urban-style living in the suburbs.

Obama is determined to make the United States a socialist nation, says GOP speaker

Gay Tucker of the Cherokee Rose Republican Women’s Legislative Committee told her fellow club members Monday that President “Obama is determined we’re gonna be a socialist nation, and a lot of it is Communist.”

British war planes poised to launch air strikes against Islamic State militants

RAF war planes are poised to launch air strikes against Islamic State (IS) jihadists after Parliament gave the green light for military action.

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Reach tens of thousands of people instantly by advertising with Ekklesia. Find out more Iain Duncan Smith has accused his parliamentary colleagues of failing to understand his "social justice" agenda.


Grand words and pledges flowed out of the United Nations climate change summit in New York this week, as they always do when the world pauses to remember the dangers of melting glaciers and rising seas. This time, businesses — including a few oil companies — joined U.S.

House District 34, Westbrook

Posted: Thursday, September 25, 2014 2:08 pm | Updated: 2:12 pm, Thu Sep 25, 2014. Address: 529 Stroudwater St.

Madison County official to give lecture on Agenda 21

Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel visits the Flathead Valley Tuesday to give a presentation on Agenda 21, the United Nations action plan for “sustainable development” in the 21st century.

Global Warming Negatively Impacts Wild Monkey Diets [Greg Laden's Blog]

Yes, yes, we hear it all the time: More CO2 is good because plants love CO2 That is a rather dumb thing to say for a number of reasons; nature is not simple. You don’t change one variable and expect other variables to respond as though we were turning a garden hose up or down.…

Dacawi: Clearing the air

(We recall this piece, written five years back, for whatever relevance it may have to present-day forms or substance of clearing the air, be it local, national or international. – RD.) WHAT can P10 million do? It can – as it did – buy a modern gadget to measure, quite accurately and in technical terms, the air quality within a portion of our city any time of the day or night.

LANDS: Idaho best to manage

I would like to both commend and encourage all Idaho state, county and local officials who are spearheading the move to win back managing control over federally owned public lands within our state. There are many reasons why it behooves “we the people” to support this movement wholeheartedly: