Agenda 21

Southern Poverty Law Center Blames Grassroots Activists For Lack Of Agenda 21 Popularity

Agenda 21 is losing public support due to an increase in grassroots efforts to curtail the United Nations program, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the UN Agenda 21 initiative is a voluntary and non-binding action plan which is reportedly focused only on sustainable development. A total of

Free festival will offer ways to stay healthy and in shape

City of Clermont will present FitnessPalooza, a health and fitness festival, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Waterfront Park, 330 Third St., on Lake Minneola in Clermont.

State of disunion: Western Maryland wants to break free

Alienated by liberal city elites, pockets of rural malcontents across the United States want to break free.        

Cliven Bundy’s ailing America: What a wingnut rancher’s rise says about our waning democracy

As our democracy continues to crumble, here's why anti-government zealots are gaining more attention — and favor

Vietnam moves towards a green economy

HANOI, April 19 — Vietnam needs to continue studying and perfecting relevant mechanisms and policies while learning from the experiences of other countries in moving towards a green economy, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported citing the Nhan Dan (People) online newspaper.

Chip Rogers and GPB are apparently parting ways

Chip Rogers, a former state senator who left elected office to take a six-figure position with Georgia Public Broadcasting, has reportedly been let go from his gig. We've heard, as has the AJC 's Greg Bluestein , that Rogers will no longer be blessing the airwaves with news about economic development in Georgia.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

NC House, register of deeds candidates speak at forum

Three register of deeds candidates found common ground during a campaign forum Thursday at the Opportunity House, while two candidates for N.C. House District 117 staked out differing positions on trade with China, school vouchers, the Defense of Marriage Act and Asheville’s water wars.

China’s Eco-Cities Raise Concerns About Agenda 21 And ‘Rural Roundups’

China’s eco-cities or “Ghost Cities” are allegedly part of the sustainable development plans outlined in the United Nations’ Agenda 21 initiative. The eco-cities may boast energy conscious buildings, shops, and apartments, but they are primarily empty. Some shops are were at least temporarily occupied, but hospital have largely not been so lucky. The United Nations

Jefferson Area Tea Party Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

The Jefferson Area Tea Party marked its fifth anniversary on Tuesday with a Tax Day rally at the Albemarle County office building. The group also talked about its past, present and future.

BUNDYS: All part of U.N. Agenda 21

Idahoans should pay close attention to what is going on in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch, as it affects Idaho. Cliven Bundy’s family has had grazing rights for about 140 years on public lands. The BLM is trying to remove his cattle and ranch under the guise of environmental rights for the desert tortoise. However, in fact, Harry Reid is behind the BLM grab.