Agenda 21

'There was deathly silence'

Brisbane parents among sacked BP refinery workers.        

Concept of smart cities must be seen in Indian context

Building 100 smart cities is high on govt's agenda. However, concept of smart cities must be seen without the biases of techno-centrism and one-size-fit-all solutions.

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MIRI: More than 800 youths registered to take part in International Volunteer’s Day (IVD) 2014 to be held at Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) Lambir this Saturday.

For Elites, All The World’s A Stage, Including China And Russia.

While the Shakespearean reference, from “ As You Like It ,” compares the world to the seven ages of man, it can also be applied to the way in which the Rothschild formula for gaining control of a nation’s money supply ultimately leads to that nation’s total subjugation to the elites.

Pauline Hanson will fight for farmers’ water rights

PROTECTING the precious resource of water from privatisation will be a key campaign priority of One Nation’s Pauline Hanson at the 2015 state election.

Too many Americans don’t recognize that wacky conspiracy theories are wacky

Pat Cunningham offers an unabashedly liberal perspective on national politics. A note of caution: The language gets a little salty on some of the sites to which this blog links. So, don't say you weren't warned. By the way, this blog's name is …

Freedom lost to rules and regulations

America. The Land of the Free. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Swiss 'Ecopop' vote calls for big immigration cut

The European country voting to limit immigration

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MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) and iM4U (a youth volunteer movement) are calling on 1,000 youths to take part in the International Volunteer’s Day 2014 programme at Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) Lambir this Dec 6. – Chattanooga's source for breaking local news

It has been a week since the Red Bank Neighborhood Pride Association held their candidate forum at Red Bank Middle School. I was privileged to have been asked to moderate the affair.