Agenda 21

Letters to the Editor for August 28, 2014

Thanks to the county Republican Women’s Club and the efforts of that eminent historian and prophet Glenn Beck we are becoming aware of the insidious UN conspiracy to destroy US sovereignty in the form of its Agenda 21. Don’t be misled by nonsense about the agenda’s plan for sustainable development as that arch liberal President George Bush elder undoubtedly was when he signed off on it in 1992 …

Hundreds jam meeting on San Gabriel Mountains national monument proposal

More than 600 supporters and opponents of President Barack Obama establishing a San Gabriel Mountains national monument jammed a hastily called town hall meeting in Baldwin Park on Tuesday that included high-ranking cabinet members who spoke on the proposal for the first time.

Severe weather alert issued for Hampshire

A severe weather alert has been issued for Hampshire by the Met Office.

Statehouse Beat: Pharmacy board headquarters proves challenging

State Board of Pharmacy executive director David Potters may have felt like he was in a bad episode of "Flip or Flop" while overseeing the renovation of the board's new headquarters on Kanawha Boulevard. (Actually, I've never seen a bad episode of "Flip or Flop," the reality show where a realtor couple buy distressed houses, renovate them, and sell them for a nice profit. Every show seems to …

Thousands head for Hampshire for Muslim convention

TENS of thousands of Muslims from across the country are expected to head to a Hampshire village for an annual international event.

Selangor: In self-destruct or restart mode?

Give Wan Azizah the mandate to press the “restart” button on rich but ailing Selangor.

To right-wing nutjobs, ordinary citizens are the enemy

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows." — Bob Dylan, "Subterranean Homesick Blues" So the Bonnie and Clyde of the great Bundy ranch standoff thought they could start a national uprising by murdering two cops in a Las Vegas pizza joint.

Rising sea levels force Pacific Island capital to relocate

Solomon Islands provincial capital will be relocated to the mainland due to coastal hazards and the risks of rising sea levels resulting from climate change.

Why Joni Ernst Isn’t ‘Iowa’s Sarah Palin’

Trying to turn her into a caricature, Democrats paint Ernst as “crazy”

Nanta: KDC Gives Priority To Improving Lives

KAPIT: The people here were reminded that even though programmes run under the Community Development Service and Local Agenda 21 by Kapit District Council (KDC) had undergone changes, the council’s role still remained the same.